Supporting H&S for over 60 Years

The Northamptonshire Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Association (NOSHEA) welcomes you to our site. Please take a look around and find out more about us and our programme of events.

Why not take time out to come along to our next meeting and sample activities first hand. You will find our meetings a lively forum, providing both useful information together with the opportunity for discussion and debate.

All our events provide excellent networking opportunities for like minded professionals together with help and assistance in keeping up to date with the many changes in occupational safety and health legislation.

The Northamptonshire Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Association (NOSHEA) provides members with the opportunity to network with like minded professionals from a broad base of Northamptonshire’s Industry and Commerce.

Keeping up to date with ever changing legislation and best practice is of vital importance to today’s leading businesses. Guest speakers at the monthly meetings provide members with up to date information on ‘news worthy and hot topics’.

The meetings are informative, full of lively discussion and debate, providing an excellent opportunity for members to share experience, knowledge, concerns and best practice in a continuing effort to revitalise health and safety, and more recently, environmental issues in the workplace.

Members represent a broad and diverse range of industry and commerce, which includes manufacturing, logistics, local government, education, legal and independent consultants, trade unions and other associations from Northamptonshire and beyond

The group welcomes potential presenters to contact us using the contact button above.