NOSHA was formed in 1955 at the instigation of Sir John Pascoe, Managing Director of British Timken, in co-operation with Phipps Brewery. This initiative was in response to a recommendation from the then Chief Inspector of Factories that local groups be set up throughout the country.

This was naturally supported by the local Principle Factory Inspector, Rex Wain-Heapy, who subsequently attended the group meetings on a regular basis to give advice and answer questions. Membership consisted of companies, trade unions and associations from Northamptonshire and beyond.

With the advent of the Health & Safety at Work Act, local Occupational Health Nurses considered establishing a separate group. They were persuaded that the interests of the community would be better served under one banner, hence the change of the name to the Northamptonshire Occupational Safety & Health Association.

NOSHA became NOSHEA with the introduction of Environment into its madate in 2004.

Affiliated to RoSPA, the Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents, NOSHEA continues to assist in the revitalisation of health and safety in the workplace